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DES & AES keys
Brief history · DES (56) was & AES (128) is · how weak passwords are attacked.

How cryptographic fingerPrints authenticate data
assure receiver that senders data unchanged during transit (integrity).

SSL/TLS crypto's design was/is Fine...  HeartBleed
was because a programmer made an implementation mistake –happens a lot.

Modern encryption built on ancient tools

Encryption Basics I
Explains difference between encryption method and key using Caesar's Cipher.

Encryption Basics II
Explains how more than enough keys isn't enough to stop a dedicated attacker.

Encryption Basics III
A provable secure encryption method that can't be cracked.

PreComputer Puzzles

  Get .pdf (with answers) hereincludes Caesar's Cipher, Shuffle & other links

In-program hands-on demonstrate how · · ·

· encryption can be corrupted.

· cryptographic fingerprints (aka hash, message digest) detect corruption.

· 1 fingerprint can detect any change in a group of files.

· key store make much better keys than human created.

· use Java's KeyTool to look inside, modify a key storage database.

· using 1 particular (ECB) encryption mode could be risky.

· new→ how BitCoin & BlockChain implement crypto security.

· random numbers are used to frustrate cryptanalysts.

In-program links

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