About developers

H.X. Mel, principally responsible for DoCrypt. email: hx at hxmel.com
 · is software developer& author, Cryptography Decrypted, Addison-Wesley (2001)
 · has taught encryption seminars at: JavaOne, USENIX, ACM, MIT Club, CFP ...
 · was trainer / professor: Federal, Fortune 500, Carnegie-Mellon U., UBC ...
 · got Masters: M.I.T. ('88)
  HX is a pen name used by Cary Meltzer

Doris Baker is the visual and semantic consultant

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doCrypt exe & jar Cryptographic FingerPrints

v3.1.2 2018 Sep 18 (often newer than Cnet download)

.exe file

MD-5:  d0318c72611dee4ebb126c1539556920

SHA-1:   1536955d3f771df5f5b3e35b82430d0c3b38aea6

SHA-256: c51bc69ddc2de2e16f278bfb37d0cf15dd65dd5a03e0454e38c5e3d63e07a111

.jar file

MD-5:  ae4167cd7d54b770366553d471e2d36b

SHA-1:   2b6b73d479d6fd6eccf5cd0b014600b84bc570f5

SHA-256: fb65fb74f5500d01991fff557eed4d5c122877571e10081b43fde6fedc00b5a3