About developers

H.X. Mel, principally responsible for DoCrypt. email: hx at hxmel.com
 · is software developer& author, Cryptography Decrypted, Addison-Wesley (2001)
 · has taught encryption seminars at: JavaOne, USENIX, ACM, MIT Club, CFP ...
 · was trainer / professor: Federal, Fortune 500, Carnegie-Mellon U., UBC ...
 · got Masters: M.I.T. ('88)
  HX is a pen name used by Cary Meltzer (see bottom copyright page here)

Doris Baker is the visual and semantic consultant

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doCrypt jar Cryptographic FingerPrints

v3.30 2019 July 26

MD-5:  b244ece282d7df7c5284343598d1fe1e

SHA-1:   fd4bdb106fc4452a1f590f4375ee0eaf708864d6

SHA-256: 1fbefd7aee2f3dd33a120ee3b6f27119a02e64be73a264ebe3465afb205a85d5