Free and Paid DoCrypt  v. 3.11

All program modules (i.e. all cipher models, hash, learning, ...) are included within Free.
Except US Export laws prohibit sharing AES with any non-US current resident.1


Get docrypt.jar for MS Windows, Linux & Apple

Needs Java 7 or better.  If needed: Java put it here for free.

Download docrypt.jar from us here. install steps.

MS Windows Only: get  docrypt.exe –or– docrypt.jar. You don't need both.

docrypt.exe is a ms windows only executable. install steps.

download docrypt.exe  from us here.

or– from CNET @ Get it from CNET!(newest always on our site)

 b/t/w you may Optionallyinstall multiple copies on the same computer

Add AES Encryption

If want or need AES or just want to support our efforts, here's 2 options

$6.00 for 50 year AES license & forever free updates & enhancements.

$1.35 for   1 year AES license

Link to PayPal→
 (currently only USA customers¹)

We'll email your AES key within 3 days (We're a small USA business.)

Planned Enhancements

· first Port to (make it work on ) Android, Apple then

· PKI and PGP Public–Private Key systems  Part III & IV in our book
  (e.g. digital certificate systems, SSL/TLS, IPsec, ... )

  –unless most users prefer PKI first

email→  feedback at docrypt dot com

¹ US only because US law makes AES export too costly for us.

 Paypal assures us we're in compliance ...(whew!)

² 3.0 DES doesn't decrypt previous version's encryptions; registered users have fix.