Free  and Paid DoCrypt

Docrypt encryption and learning is entirely on top of Java.

Free includes most encryption and learning modules and

   excludes LogonPassword Manager and directory/archive encryption.

Paid includes everything (all program and learning modules) except

   excludes all but US residents from buying AES*.

Free   4 ways

docrypt.exe: MS Windows Only  Read me exe file disclosures.


1. from us here (newest always on our site)

2. from SoftPedia→ here

3. from CNET @→  Get it from CNET!

docrypt.jarfor MS Windows, Linux & Apple

4.from us hereinstall steps

Needs Java 8 or better. If needed, Java put it here for free.

Full Tutorial and AES

Both include full tutorial. AES adds AES encryption.  –Sorry only US residents*

    License expires in Link to
Full Tutorial $5.00 5 years
AES $9.00 50 years

We'll email your Tutorial or AES key within 3 days (We're a small USA business.)

Planned Enhancements

email→  feedback at docrypt dot com

* US Export laws prohibit selling/sharing AES with any non US residents without (costly) lawyers.

PayPal assures us we're in compliance and require address to approve only US residents.

We don't get –or want– credit card info and only need your email address.

fyi Some call AES military grade encryption. Although there's no such thing, AES is classified

as a war weapon– & we don't want gorillas in sneakers banging on our door.