Free  and Paid  DoCrypt Tutorial

Docrypt encryption and learning is entirely on top of Java.

Free includes most encryption and learning modules

   — everything needed as book companion

Paid includes all above and · login password manager and how to build one

   · incremental folder encryption · few more puzzles · AES

   Paid no longer offered only US residents*

Free   4 ways

If java is on computer and using MS Windows, Linux or Apple

get docrypt.jar from us hereinstall steps

(needs Java 8 or better. If needed, Java put it here for free.

If java is not on computer→ for MS Windows Only: get docrypt.exefrom

1. from us here (newest always on our site) –or–

2. from SoftPedia→ here –or–

3. from CNET @→  Get it from CNET!

Paid  Download & install free version + purchase key below (–free may be all you need)

Includes: · Password Mgr & How its built · bulk encryption · some other puzzles

 · AES encryption →Sorry only US residents*

    License expires in Link to
No longer offered $5.00 50 years No Longer Offered

* US Export laws prohibit (without costly lawyers) AES distribution outside US.

Some call AES military grade encryption. Although there's no such thing, AES is classified

as a war weapon – & we don't want gorillas in sneakers banging on our door.

email→  feedback at docrypt dot com